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Quality Control Notes

Preparing Your QC NOTES

Quality Control notes, aka ‘QC notes’, are a way for you, the buyer, to define what you would like a quality control inspector to be aware of and inspect during a quality inspection. QC notes usually consist of a list of requirements with explanations next to each section, defining what would be considered a defect or a potential issue you would not accept.

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There Are Two Types of Samples

Ordering samples is an integral part of the supplier selection process. It is also a process that can be hit or miss. While you’re reading this, keep something in mind, we are a sourcing company. We are a company whose job is to assist importers in working with factories. The reason our company exists is that factories are not perfect.The idea of not ordering samples is a recipe for disaster....

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8 essential china importing resources guided 8 Essential China Importing Resources

Are you a DIY China importer looking for China importing resources?

Here's our essential list.

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