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Want No-nonsense Advice on How to Source & Import Products from China Like a Pro?

chinese factory The Four Ways Professionals Verify Factories

The Four Ways Professionals Verify Factories

Anyone can source a factory, and if your order size is less than 20 thousand dollars, there should not be a lot of fear when it comes to working with a factory for the first time. But what about if your order size is larger than 20 thousand dollars? What if it is 100 thousand or 1 million, then what do you do? Most businesses will opt to visit a...

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13 topics to discuss 13 Topics to Discuss When on Skype with Your Factory

So you’ve poured your heart and soul into designing a product, and now it’s time to send it off to be manufactured overseas. What a proud moment! But, just like any devoted parent whose child is ready to move out of the house, you wouldn’t just ship your prized creation off to the first place that agrees to take it. You want to make sure you’re finding the best possible factory to manufacture...

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