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Want No-nonsense Advice on How to Source & Import Products from China Like a Pro?

7 reasons trading companies 7 Reasons Trading Companies are Better Than Factories

Get Over It. It is Time to Give Trading Companies a Chance.

A lot of new customers request us not to source products from trading companies. We are more than happy to abide by customer wishes, but I wanted to create this article to introduce people to the hidden aspects of a trading company that most guides won’t tell you.

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independent sourcing Using an Independent Sourcing Agent

Why You Might Want to Think Twice Before Using an Independent Sourcing Agent.

Buyers looking for someone on the ground in China to assist them with sourcing and dealing with factories will often resort to using independent sourcing agents. These sourcing agents can be found through sites like Upwork and Elance, referrals, or by being approached via cold contact through email or social media,...

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entry level capital Entry Level Capital Investment for the Startup Importer

What is the Ideal Number to Start With When Importing from China?

A common question new importers ask us is, how much is a good amount of capital to invest, when starting out with importing for the first time. This in itself is a very difficult question to answer because it is almost equivalent to asking, “how much should I spend on my first home?”

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penalties Why Penalizing Your Suppliers Is Not A Great Idea

Poor Quality & Missed Deadlines.

Is it Wise to Penalize Your Supplier?

Our services at Guided Imports offers a Production Manual, instead of a purchase contract. We do this because of the average size of our importers. Most of the importers we work with on a daily basis are small to medium size businesses without major purchasing power or serious influence - we’re not talking about Wal-Mart or...

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bluetooth bad for startups Why Bluetooth is a Bad Idea for Startup Importers

Bluetooth is a Powerful Piece of Technology, But is it Worth Importing?

A lot of our customers contact us with intentions of having Bluetooth products made and imported. The problem with this is that a lot of them don’t realize Bluetooth’s strict licensing and listing fees. Bluetooth is a technology, and in order to use it in a component and to advertise that you are using it, fees and proper...

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