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Want No-nonsense Advice on How to Source & Import Products from China Like a Pro?

shipping freight 3 Things to Consider When Shipping Freight From China

Shipping your products overseas can be daunting. You’ve invested a lot in the manufacturing process already, and now that your shipment is ready to be sent to your target market, you have to find an affordable, but reliable, way to get your shipment overseas and into the hands of your customers.

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ships in water Here’s How You Can Improve Your Chinese Shipping Process

Shipping products from China can be a complicated process. There is a multitude of documents to have in order, shipping methods to consider, hoops to jump through, and regulations to meet. While managing your shipments from China on your own is doable, it’s rarely straightforward. 

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shipping quotation 3 Advanced Tips for Getting a Shipping Quotation From China

Knowing how to successfully, and efficiently, ship internationally is a skill that has to be learned. While it’s something you and your company can do on its own, without an expert on your side you’re likely to run into higher costs, slower deliveries, and more headaches than you’re prepared for.

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chinese coins Tariff Talk: Is it Time to Leave China?

Tariff Talk: Is it Time to Leave China?

With tariff’s in full swing I am seeing many importers frantically making appointments with their customs brokers, tax attorneys, logistics agents, as well as us, their sourcing agent, all trying to make sense of the increase in costs attributed these tariffs. Unfortunately, everyone is taking a hit on this, and no matter what solution business owners...

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contract with metal lock How to Protect Your Product and Mold Without Expensive Lawyers

How to Protect Your Product and Mold Without Expensive Lawyers

So you have a product idea, you’ve finalized your product specification requirements, and you’ve successfully produced prototypes. As you begin communicating with suppliers, it hits you. You’re about to be sharing the intellectual property you’ve worked so hard to create with factories that could end up being your direct...

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