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Want No-nonsense Advice on How to Source & Import Products from China Like a Pro?

Here's How You Can Improve Your Chinese Shipping Process

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Shipping products from China can be a complicated process. There is a multitude of documents to have in order, shipping methods to consider, hoops to jump through, and regulations to meet. While managing your shipments from China on your own is doable, it’s rarely straightforward. 

Unless you, or someone in your company, is an industry expert, then you’re bound to run into roadblocks along the way. These roadblocks, if not properly managed or avoided, can derail your company’s budget, delay your delivery schedule, and throw a wrench in the operation of your company as a whole. 

If you’re looking to improve your Chinese shipping processes, then start by familiarizing yourself with the following two shipping strategies:

Choose the Best Shipping Method

Depending on the type of material you’re shipping from China, and the quantity of that material, you have various shipping methods at your disposal. If speed is of the utmost priority, then shipping via air freight is the best option. Not only is air freight the fastest shipping method by far, but it’s also relatively safer than shipping via ocean freight, where your product is packed alongside many other items for an extended period. 

Air freight can also be cheaper when transporting fewer products or products with a low weight. For example, Freightos says that “At about $3 per kilo, standard air freight is the cheapest option for shipments between about 150 kilos and 500 kg.” 

If you need to ship a lot of product, and you’re comfortable with a 30-40 day lead time, then ocean freight is an economical and reliable method. While not ideal for perishable items, ocean freight can get you the products you need at a lower cost so you can reallocate your savings into other areas of your company. 

Work with an Industry Expert

Sourcing products from China, and then shipping those products to your target market, is far from simple. With so many steps to take and keep track of, navigating the Chinese shipping industry alone is often an experience equivalent to pushing a boulder up a hill: it’s not impossible, but it won’t be pleasant. 

 The best way to sidestep the headaches is by working with a sourcing company with a wealth of experience in the import/export business and all of the processes that go along with it. Improving the Chinese shipping process is best accomplished by an industry expert who can not only walk you through the steps but who can also take charge when inevitable roadblocks show up along the way. 

For example, here at Guided Imports, we assign all of our clients a logistics project manager who will act as your point person during the shipping process. With one person taking charge of your shipment, you won’t be bounced between various departments, but rather, will be able to ask questions and check-in on your shipment’s progress via a single, easily accessible project manager. 

An industry expert can also help you make sense of the many (many) supplier documents you’ll want to have on-hand. These documents come in all shapes and sizes and keeping track of which document does what is no simple task. With an expert on your side, though, you can rest assured that the manufacturers and suppliers you work with produce the right products, at the right time, and that they get shipped to you in the right ways. 

If you want to learn more about how Guided Imports can help you improve the Chinese shipping process, then contact us and request a quote today!

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