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3 Advanced Tips for Getting a Shipping Quotation From China

shipping quotationKnowing how to successfully, and efficiently, ship internationally is a skill that has to be learned. While it’s something you and your company can do on its own, without an expert on your side you’re likely to run into higher costs, slower deliveries, and more headaches than you’re prepared for.

Instead of subjecting yourself to unnecessary frustration, look into a sourcing company who can help walk you through the shipping process. With their expertise, you can better distribute your time and energy to the tasks that demand immediate attention.

However, it’s imperative that you find a good sourcing company to partner with, as there are more than a few people out there looking to make a quick profit at your expense. To help you find the best partner for the best price, here are a few advanced tips for getting a shipping quotation from China:

Compare Shipping Rates

International shipping is, by necessity, a multi-step process that uses anything from planes to boats to trucks to get a shipment from its starting location to its final destination. Crossing the ocean is no simple task, and if you don’t know what kind of rates that task will cost you, then you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

With that in mind, it’s vital that you gather several quotations from different companies so you can better compare them to one another. Each company’s quote is likely to be different, so put them side-by-side, inquire about what factors make up the quote they’ve given you, and then see which one stands out as the best deal for your company’s needs.

If you’re happy with a quote you’ve been given and want to work with the company responsible for it, then GlobalSources.com says that you should “lock in your rate with the freight forwarder in case it would change. If it is a repeat order item, then you should be locking in rates for 3 months if you can.”

Jumping headfirst into the first company that gives you a quote is never a good idea, especially if the quote seems too good to be true. Each shipping method has pros and cons attached to it (air freight is usually more expensive but by far the fastest, for example), so be sure to do the research and sign up with the company that can meet your budgetary and timing needs.

Know Who You’re Working With

While many sourcing agents and shipping companies will claim to offer the best services at the best prices, it’s not always easy to tell trustworthy partners from the not-so-trustworthy.

This is why it’s crucial that you take the time to not only research whoever is offering you a quote but also to get to know them before closing the deal. Here at Guided Imports, we got into this business because we knew that people needed an accessible, honest, transparent, and accountable companies they could rely on.

Anyone who chooses to use our services will do so with a clear picture of what they're getting and why it's worth the price. That's why we say using Guided Imports is like having your very own procurement department on the ground in China.

Set the Right Expectations

The clearer and more business-specific your expectations are, the better the odds will be that you find the right quotation, from the right company, and at the right time. We know that exporting goods out of China and importing to their final destination is a far-from-simple process, which is why we pride ourselves on providing clients with competitive rates, transparent practices, and a full managed logistics forwarding process.

When you work with Guided Imports, we work alongside you to meet your expectations, fulfill your business needs, and help you find success when and where you need it.

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